Startups we support

- Shuttlerock

- Fuel50

- iDefigo

- NotablePDF

- Mish Guru

- Hoist

- Roll

- LightningLab 2015 Auckland

- Nyriad

- Justly

- ShowGizmo

Life is short, startup!

We are a company investing into talented young entrepreneurs who have global ambition in the Internet sector.

Green Pure Life Limited was founded by Mr. George Gong, who is an entrepreneur and Angel Investor with rich international business experiences in the Information Technology industry for over twenty years.
Mr. Gong is also a volunteering mentor to new entrepreneurs in both Auckland and Christchurch.

Our goal is helping potential young entrepreneurs who has global ambition in the Internet sector, by providing financial investment and great connection to overseas markets.

Green Pure Life Limited

Unit D, 17 Aviemore Drive, Highland Park, Auckland